August 9, 2023

Set up Auto Responding Email with Elementor

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Jeffrey at Lytbox will show you how to send an auto responding email with Elementor. Set up personalized automatic email responses for contact forms, free downloads, and subscriptions. Learn why SMTP matters and how to configure it for reliable delivery. Happy emailing!

Understanding Auto Responding Email


An auto responding email is an automated message sent instantly in response to a specific user’s action, such as filling out a form or signing up for a subscription. It can include thank-you notes, download links, or welcome messages, providing immediate communication and engagement with the user.


  • Contact Forms
    Send a thank-you note.
  • Free Downloads
    Provide an instant download link.
  • Subscription Sign-ups
    Welcome new subscribers.

Setting Up Automatic Email Response with Elementor

  1. Access Elementor Form
    Open the page with the form.
  2. Select the Form
    Click on the form widget to access settings.
  3. Navigate to Actions After Submit
    Find the ‘Email 2’ option.
  4. Set Up Email 2
    Paste the shortcode from the email field.
  5. Personalize the Email
    Add a greeting like “Hey [First Name]!”.
  6. Format the Message
    Use HTML tags for line breaks or to add your logo.
  7. Test the Auto Response
    Fill out the form and check your inbox!

Here’s a code snippet for the message part:

Hey [First Name]!
Thank you for reaching out. We'll get back to you really quickly!
<img src="your-logo.png" alt="Your Logo">

Advanced Use Cases for Email Auto Reply

Want to go beyond the basics? Here’s how to create an email auto reply for different scenarios:

  • Free Download Campaigns
    Include a download link to a PDF or other files.
  • HTML Enhancements
    Add images, links, or even your logo.

Importance of SMTP in Auto Responding Emails

SMTP, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is like a reliable mail carrier for your emails. It ensures that your auto responding emails reach the recipient’s inbox without getting lost or ending up in the spam folder. Here’s why it matters and how you can set it up:

Why Use SMTP?

  • Reliability
    SMTP ensures that your emails are delivered to the recipient’s inbox.
  • Avoiding Spam Filters
    Without SMTP, your auto responding emails might be flagged as spam, never reaching your audience.
  • Professionalism
    Using SMTP with a custom email address (like adds a professional touch to your communications.

How to Set Up SMTP

Setting up SMTP might sound technical, but it’s like setting up a new email account on your phone. Here’s a general guide:

  1. Choose an SMTP Service
    There are many SMTP services available, both free and paid. Some popular options include SendinBlue, Mailgun, and
  2. Create an Account
    Sign up with the chosen SMTP service.
  3. Find SMTP Settings
    Look for the SMTP settings in your account dashboard. You’ll need the SMTP server, port number, username, and password.
  4. Configure Your Website
    In your website’s admin panel, navigate to the email settings. This might vary depending on your CMS (like WordPress, Joomla, etc.).
  5. Enter SMTP Details
    Input the SMTP server, port number, username, and password provided by your SMTP service.
  6. Enable Authentication
    Most SMTP services require authentication, so make sure to enable this option.
  7. Test the Configuration
    Send a test email to ensure everything is working correctly.

Here’s a code snippet example of what the SMTP settings might look like:

SMTP Server:
Port Number: 587
Password: YourPassword
Authentication: Yes

Remember, the exact steps might vary depending on your website platform and the SMTP service you choose. Always refer to the specific documentation provided by your SMTP service and website platform for detailed instructions.


Setting up auto responding emails with Elementor is a practical way to automate and personalize your online interactions. Whether it’s a simple thank-you note or a download link, automatic email responses can make your users feel valued.

Feel free to experiment and share your experiences in the comments. Happy emailing!

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Credit to Jeffrey at Lytbox
Jeffrey's Lytbox Studio is a YouTube channel dedicated to empowering aspiring website creators by offering web design tutorials, insights into the business side of web design, and fostering creativity and skill development. With a strong focus on Elementor, Jeffrey shares his journey from a techno-dinosaur to a successful freelancer and design studio owner, aiming to inspire and educate others in their quest for freedom and purpose through the world of web design.
Set up Auto Responding Email with Elementor
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