September 26, 2023

Utilize the Rank Math Email Reply Tool and Craft Replies in Seconds

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The Rank Math Email Reply Tool assists users in crafting professional and effective email replies. Let’s explore how to make the most of this tool.

Setting Up the Rank Math Email Reply Tool

  1. Enable the Content AI Module
    Navigate to Rank Math SEO → Dashboard → Modules on your WordPress dashboard. Activate the Content AI module.

    Note: An active Content AI plan is essential to access all its features.

  2. Access the Email Reply AI Tool
    Proceed to Rank Math SEO → Content AI → Content Editor. In the content editor, select AI Tools and then Email Reply. You can also access the tool directly from your preferred WordPress editor or from the AI Tools tab.

Crafting Email Replies with the Email Reply Tool

1. Email Field

Enter the body of the email you’ve received. This field is mandatory. For instance, if you’ve received a negative email about a late product delivery, input the email content here.

2. Reply Brief

Provide a concise summary or brief of the reply you intend to craft. This brief guides Content AI in generating a response that aligns with your intention. For example, if you’re replying to a complaint about a late product delivery, your brief could be: “Apologize for the late delivery, and assure improvements in future shipments.”

3. Audience

Specify the target audience for your email. For instance, if you’re replying to a customer complaint about a pet product, you could select “Pet Owners” and “Dissatisfied Customer.”

4. Tone

Choose the tone that best matches your intended response. For a formal apology, select “Formal.” If you’re aiming for a more conversational tone, choose “Conversational.”

5. Length

Select the desired length for your email reply. Options range from short (1-2 sentences) to long (at least 5 sentences).

6. Language

Pick the language for your email reply. By default, English is selected, but the tool supports multiple languages.

7. Number of Outputs

Decide on the number of reply variations you’d like to generate. You can choose up to 10 variations.

8. Generate & Insert

After setting your preferences, click 'Generate'. Content AI will craft your email reply. For more variations, click Generate More. Once satisfied, hover over the reply and click Copy to use it in your email.


The Rank Math Email Reply Tool offers a streamlined approach to crafting email replies. Explore its functionality and let the tool simplify your email communication process.

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Utilize the Rank Math Email Reply Tool and Craft Replies in Seconds
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