August 17, 2023

Learn how to use the Elementor Staging Site Feature

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With Elementor Hosting you can make use of the Elementor staging site feature. Editing a live website can be a bit like cooking a meal in front of a live audience. One wrong move, and you could end up with a mess. That’s where “Staging” comes in. It’s your behind-the-scenes kitchen where you can prep and taste-test before serving up to your guests.

Setting Up a Staging Site with Elementor Hosting

Here’s how you can set up your very own backstage:

  1. Access the Elementor Dashboard
    This is where all the magic begins.
  2. Choose Your Website
    Select the site you want to set up staging for.
  3. Navigate to the Staging Environment
    This is where you’ll be creating your private copy.
  4. Click ‘Create Staging’
    Elementor will then make a clone of your live site.
  5. Note Your Staging URL
    Keep this handy; it’s your backstage pass.

Accessing and Editing the Elementor Staging Site

Now that you’ve got your private space:

  • Spot the Orange Bar
    This is just a reminder that you’re in the staging area.
  • Make Changes
    This is your sandbox. Play around and see what works.
  • WordPress Dashboard in Staging
    This is where you can make more detailed tweaks and changes.

Pushing Changes from Staging to Live

Ready to show off your changes? Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Staging Environment Section
    Back to the Elementor Hosting dashboard.
  2. Select ‘Push to Live’
    This will move your changes from the staging site to the live site.
  3. Confirm
    Just a double-check to make sure you’re ready to go live.

Pulling Changes from Live to Staging

If you’ve made some tweaks directly to the live site and want them in your staging environment:

  1. Head to the Staging Environment Section
    On the Elementor Hosting dashboard.
  2. Click ‘Pull Changes to Staging’
    This will update your staging site with the live site’s changes.
  3. Confirm
    A quick check to ensure you want to update the staging site.

Deleting and Repopulating the Staging Site

Sometimes, a fresh start is what you need:

  1. Trash Icon
    This will delete the staging site.
  2. Repopulate
    If you want to start again, just set up the staging site as you did initially.

Wrapping Up

Using the Elementor Staging Site is like having a rehearsal before the main event. It gives you the freedom to experiment, refine, and perfect your website without any hiccups. So, go ahead, set up your staging site with Elementor Hosting, and let your creativity flow. Happy staging!

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Learn how to use the Elementor Staging Site Feature
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