July 7, 2023

Crafting an Elementor Nested Carousel: A Walkthrough

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The Elementor nested carousel is a powerful widget that can greatly improve the visual appeal and functionality of your website. It’s a feature that allows you to create complex setups within a carousel, offering a unique way to display your content. This feature is particularly useful for showcasing a variety of content types, such as images, videos, and text, in a dynamic and engaging way.

In this tutorial by Web Squadron, we will walk you through the process of creating an Elementor nested carousel. We’ll break down the steps, provide additional insights, and discuss the broader implications of this feature.

Crafting Your Elementor Nested Carousel

  1. Activate Flexbox Container and Nested Elements
    Before you begin, make sure that in Elementor settings, you have activated the flexbox container and the nested elements. These settings are crucial for the functionality of the nested carousel.
  2. Select the Carousel Widget
    In your widgets, type in “Carousel”. You will see two options: “Loop Carousel” and “Nested Carousel”. For this tutorial, we will be using the Nested Carousel.
  3. Create Your Slides
    Once you’ve selected the Nested Carousel, you can start creating your slides. You can add as many slides as you want, and each slide can contain a variety of content types.
  4. Add Content to Your Slides
    Within each slide, you can add whatever content you want. This could be images, videos, text, buttons, headings, and more. You can also link each slide to a specific URL, making it a great way to direct users to different parts of your website.
  5. Duplicate Your Slides
    Once you’ve created your first slide, you can easily duplicate it to create additional slides. This is a great way to save time and ensure consistency across your carousel.
  6. Adjust Your Settings
    Finally, you can adjust the settings of your carousel to suit your needs. For example, you can set the speed of the carousel, determining how quickly it moves through the slides.

The Power of the Nested Carousel

The nested carousel is more than just a visual tool. It’s a way to enhance the user experience, guide users through your website, and showcase a variety of content in a dynamic way.

User Experience

The nested carousel can greatly improve the user experience on your website. It provides a dynamic and engaging way to display content, keeping users interested and encouraging them to explore further.


By linking each slide to a specific URL, you can use the nested carousel as a navigation tool. This can guide users to different parts of your website, helping them find what they’re looking for and encouraging them to explore further.

Content Showcase

The nested carousel is a great way to showcase a variety of content types. Whether you’re displaying images, videos, text, or a combination of these, the nested carousel can make your content stand out.

Additional Insights

Here are some additional tips and tricks to help you make the most of the Elementor nested carousel:

  • Be Creative
    The nested carousel offers a lot of flexibility, so don’t be afraid to get creative. You could use it to tell a story, showcase a product, or highlight a particular post.
  • Keep It Simple
    While the nested carousel offers a lot of flexibility, it’s important to keep it simple. Too much content can be overwhelming for users, so try to keep your slides clean and easy to navigate.
  • Test and Adjust
    As with any new feature, it’s important to test your nested carousel and adjust it as needed. This will help you ensure that it’s working properly and achieving the desired effect.

Common Issues

  • Carousel Not Displaying Properly
    If your carousel isn’t displaying properly, make sure that you have activated the flexbox container and the nested elements in the Elementor settings.
  • Slides Not Linking to URL
    If your slides aren’t linking to the specified URL, make sure that you have correctly entered the URL in the slide settings.
  • Carousel Moving Too Quickly or Slowly
    If your carousel is moving too quickly or slowly, you can adjust the speed in the carousel settings.

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Credit to Web Squadron
Web Squadron is a popular YouTube channel dedicated to providing informative tutorials, tips, and insights on web development and design. With a strong focus on WordPress and website builders like Bricks Builder, the channel aims to help users of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced developers, create and optimize their websites. By offering easy-to-understand, step-by-step guidance, Web Squadron provides practical and valuable content.
Crafting an Elementor Nested Carousel: A Walkthrough
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