September 26, 2023

How to Set an Elementor Default Background Image

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Setting an Elementor default background image can not just improve your website’s aesthetics. It allows for a consistent design and branding across different pages. In this tutorial, we’ll explore a method to set a default background image in Elementor, ensuring it appears consistently throughout your site.

The Challenge with Repeating Images

When designing a website, it’s not uncommon to want a specific image to appear repeatedly across different sections or containers. However, manually adding the same image to each container can be tedious and inefficient. Moreover, when you want a continuous visual flow, having the same image in each section might not give the desired effect.

The Fixed Background Method

A common method used by designers is to set the background image of each container to “fixed.” This creates an illusion of a continuous image as you scroll. However, this method has its limitations:

  • On mobile devices, the fixed background might not display as intended.
  • It requires setting each container’s background individually.

Using Page Background for Consistency

Instead of setting the background for each container, you can set the image as a page background. This method ensures the image remains consistent across the entire page. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Remove Individual Backgrounds
    Start by removing the background images from individual containers or sections where you’ve set them.
  2. Access Site Settings
    Click on the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner of the Elementor editor. From the dropdown, select “Site Settings.”
  3. Navigate to Background
    In the site settings, you’ll find an option labeled “Background.”
  4. Set Your Image
    Here, you can add your desired image as the default background. Remember to set the image properties like position, repetition, and size according to your design needs.

Tip: You can also set a different image for mobile views, ensuring your design remains responsive.

Overriding the Default Background

While the default background image will appear on all pages, there might be instances where you’d want a different background for specific pages or sections. In such cases, simply set a different background color or image for that particular section or container. The default background image will still be present, but it’ll be overridden by the new one.

Conclusion of Elementor default background image

Setting an Elementor default background image can greatly improve the visual consistency of your website. By using the page background method, you can ensure a uniform look across different pages and sections. Remember to test the appearance on different devices to ensure a responsive design. With these steps, you’ll have a beautifully consistent background throughout your site in no time!

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How to Set an Elementor Default Background Image
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