September 14, 2023

Create an Elementor Accordion with Columns using a Simple CSS Addition

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Ever struggled to create an Elementor accordion with columns? Then you’re in the right place. Imagine having a long accordion and wanting to present it in a more organized, columned manner. That’s the magic we’re about to unfold.

The Common Problem with Multiple Accordions

So, you’ve tried placing two accordions side by side to give that multi-column look. But here’s the hiccup: when you open an item from one accordion, the other doesn’t close. It’s like trying to juggle two tasks at once, and we all know that can be a tad frustrating.

The Common Problem with Multiple Accordions

Implementing the Solution for Elementor Accordion with Columns

Setting Up the Accordion

  1. Begin with a fresh Elementor accordion.
  2. Populate it with multiple items.
  3. Navigate to the accordion ‘Advanced’ settings.
  4. Set the width to a full 100% by setting it to default.
    Navigate to settings and set the width to a full default
  5. Locate the custom CSS section further down the ‘Advanced’ settings and paste the following code.
    selector .e-n-accordion{ display: block; column-count: 2; } 
    selector .e-n-accordion-item{ break-inside: avoid;}

    Source: Daveden

    Locate custom CSS section and paste the code

Visualizing the Transformation

After adding the code, your accordion will elegantly split into two columns. Want more columns? Adjust the column-count in the CSS to your preference.

Testing the Functionality

Click on different accordion items. You’ll notice the seamless transition where one closes as you open another.

Tip: There might be a slight shift when you open different items. It’s a minor quirk, but the overall functionality remains smooth.

Testing the Functionality

Wrapping Up

With just a bit of CSS, we’ve transformed a standard accordion into a multi-columned Elementor accordion with columns. It’s all about making information accessible and visually appealing.

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Create an Elementor Accordion with Columns using a Simple CSS Addition
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