September 20, 2023

Find the Right Title with the Rank Math SEO Title Tool

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The Rank Math SEO Title Tool, powered by Content AI, is a nice addition for content creators aiming to craft compelling titles that resonate with their audience. This guide amalgamates insights from Rank Math’s official documentation and their video tutorial for a comprehensive overview.

Setting Up the Rank Math SEO Title Tool

  1. Head over to Rank Math SEO → Dashboard → Modules on your WordPress dashboard and activate the ‘Content AI’ module. Remember, an active Content AI plan is essential to access all its features.
  2. Navigate to Rank Math SEO → Content AI → Content Editor. In the content editor, click AI Tools and select SEO Title. For a more streamlined approach during writing, use double slashes in the editor and type the tool’s name.

Mastering the Features of the SEO Title AI Tool

1. Post Title

Enter the title or headline of your content, up to 200 characters. If you’re unsure of a title, the Post Title AI Tool can generate one for you.

2. Focus Keyword

Input your primary focus keyword and any other relevant keywords you aim to rank for, separated by commas. This ensures the title aligns with your content’s core theme.

3. Post Brief

Provide a concise summary of your content, offering more context to Content AI. This brief can be up to 400 characters.

4. Tone

Choose the tone that best describes your writing. Whether it’s formal, informal, or somewhere in between, the tool offers a variety of options to match your style.

5. Audience

Specify your target audience. Whether you’re writing for beginners, experts, or a niche group, the tool tailors the title accordingly.

6. Language

Select the language for your SEO title. The tool supports multiple languages, but only one can be chosen per request.

7. Number of Outputs

Decide on the number of titles you’d like to generate, with a range between one and 25.

8. Generate & Insert

After setting your preferences, click ‘Generate’. Content AI will craft your SEO title promptly. If you desire more variations, click Generate More. Once satisfied, hover over the title and click Copy to insert it wherever needed.


The Rank Math SEO Title Tool, enriched with Content AI, offers a revolutionary approach to title generation. By integrating insights from both the official guide and video tutorial, this guide provides a holistic perspective on the tool’s capabilities. Dive in and let Rank Math’s SEO Title Tool refine your content creation process.

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The Rank Math YouTube channel focuses on guiding users through the features and functions of the Rank Math SEO plugin for WordPress. With concise and informative tutorials, it helps users efficiently optimize their websites and make the most of the plugin's capabilities, ultimately improving search engine rankings and user experience.
Find the Right Title with the Rank Math SEO Title Tool
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