September 21, 2023

How to Create a Blog Page in WordPress and Set it as Default

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Creating a dedicated blog page in WordPress can help organize your content and provide a better user experience for your visitors. In this tutorial, we’ll walk through the process of how to create a blog page in WordPress, ensuring that your blog posts are displayed separately from your homepage.

Understanding the Default Behavior

By default, WordPress displays all your blog posts on the homepage. This might not be ideal if you want a separate landing page that showcases your business, brand, or personal portfolio.

Preparing the Pages

Before making any changes, ensure you have two essential pages:

  • Homepage
    This is the main landing page of your website.
  • Blog
    This is where your blog posts will be displayed.

To set these up:

  1. Navigate to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Go to Pages.
  3. Check if you have a homepage. If not, create one.
  4. Create a new page and name it “Blog”. This will serve as your blog page. No content is needed for this page, just a title will suffice.

Tip: Ensure the URL for your blog page is simple, like /blog. You can adjust this under the permalink settings if needed.

Configuring the Reading Settings

Now that you have both pages ready:

  1. Go to Settings in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Click on Reading.
  3. Under the section “Your homepage displays”, you’ll notice the default is set to “Your latest posts”.
  4. Change this to “A static page”.
  5. For the “Homepage” dropdown, select the page you want as your homepage.
  6. For the “Posts page” dropdown, select “Blog”.

After making these changes, save them.

Adjusting the Navigation Menu

To ensure your visitors can easily access your blog:

  1. Go to Appearance and then Menus in your dashboard.
  2. If you previously had a custom link to your blog, remove it.
  3. From the list of pages on the left, select “Blog” and add it to your menu.
  4. Save the menu.

Now, when visitors click on the “Blog” link in your navigation, they’ll be taken to your blog page, which will display all your posts.

Conclusion of How to Create a Blog Page in WordPress

Setting up a dedicated blog page in WordPress is a straightforward process that can improve the structure and user experience of your website. By following the steps above, you can easily separate your blog content from your main homepage, providing a more organized and professional look to your site.

Credit to WPLearningLab
WPLearningLab is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing comprehensive WordPress tutorials and resources for users of all skill levels. With a focus on simplifying complex concepts, the channel offers valuable insights on themes, plugins, and site optimization, as well as troubleshooting tips and best practices for creating and maintaining a successful WordPress website.
How to Create a Blog Page in WordPress and Set it as Default
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