November 22, 2023

Create Frontend Post Submission Forms with WSForm

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Frontend post submission is a vital feature for many WordPress sites, especially directories and user-generated content platforms. In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to create frontend post submission forms using WSForm, a powerful WordPress plugin.


Please ensure you have the following installed and activated:

Creating Frontend Post Submission Forms: A Manual Approach

Traditionally, creating frontend post submission forms in WordPress involves a detailed process. You need to manually map form fields to your custom post type fields. This can be time-consuming, especially for complex forms.

Introducing WSForm’s One-Click Solution

WSForm offers a more efficient approach. With its one-click solution, you can automatically generate forms that map to your custom post types and ACF fields, saving significant time and effort.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using WSForm’s Template

  1. Navigate to WSForm > Forms > Add New.
    Navigate to WSForm > Forms > Add New
  2. Choose the ‘Post Management’ template.
    Choose the 'Post Management' template
  3. Select your custom post type (e.g., ‘Listings’).
    Select your custom post type (e.g., 'Listings')

    Note: WSForm will automatically create and map form fields.

  4. Customize the form as needed.
    Customize the form as needed
  5. Save and preview the form.
    Save and preview the form
  6. Use the debug console for easy testing with dummy data.
    Use the debug console for easy testing with dummy data

Additional Features and Tips

  • WSForm’s debug console simplifies form testing.
  • You can customize the auto-generated forms, like removing unnecessary fields.
  • The plugin automatically maps ACF fields, streamlining the process.

Additional Information

Frontend Post Submission with WSForm – Conclusion

WSForm simplifies frontend post submission form creation in WordPress, making it an excellent choice for website owners and developers. Its one-click solution and integration with ACF streamline the process, allowing for more focus on content and user experience.

Create Frontend Post Submission Forms with WSForm
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