September 6, 2023

How to Use Divi AI to Optimize Your Website Copy

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So you’re interested in making your website copy better, huh? Well, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re talking about how to use Divi AI to optimize your website copy, a tool right within your Divi page builder.

Why you Should Use Divi AI to Optimize Your Website Copy

Why bother with AI for website copy? Here are some solid reasons:

  • Time-saving
    Get more done in less time.
  • Boosts SEO rankings
    Helps your website rank better on search engines.
  • Adds creativity
    Gives your copy a fresh perspective.

How Divi AI Can Help

Divi AI is designed to work seamlessly with the Divi page builder. This means you can optimize your copy without leaving the editor. No need to switch between multiple tools; it’s all integrated.

Quick Actions for Optimization with Divi AI

Ready to get started? Here’s how:

  1. Open Module Settings
    This is where you’ll find the Divi AI options.
  2. Click Divi AI Options
    Look for this button in the settings.
  3. Choose Your Quick Action
    A menu will appear with various options.
Quick Action What It Does
Rephrase Alters the wording of your copy.
Lengthen Adds more content to your existing text.
Shorten Reduces the length of your text.
Simplify Makes the text easier to understand.

Select an action, and your copy will be updated accordingly.

Improving Text with Divi AI

Do you have some existing text that needs improvement? Divi AI can help:

  1. Click the AI Button
    This will open the AI options.
  2. Hit ‘Improve with AI’
    A new menu will appear.
  3. Specify Your Content Type
    Choose whether it’s a paragraph, title, or button text.
  4. Tell Divi AI What You’re Writing About
    This helps the AI understand the context.
  5. Choose the Context
    You can select whether the AI should consider the entire page, a section, or just the module.

Once you’ve made your selections, your text will be updated.

Advanced Features

For those who like to fine-tune settings, Divi AI has an ‘Advanced Settings’ option. Here you can:

  • Change the tone of voice
  • Include specific keywords
  • Specify the length of the text

Optimizing SEO with Divi AI

Divi AI can also assist with SEO. Use specific prompts to make your copy more search-engine friendly.

Improving Titles with Divi AI

Titles are important, and Divi AI can help you make them better. Just follow the same steps as for improving text, but select ‘Title’ as your content type.


There you have it! Divi AI is a handy tool that can make the task of optimizing your website copy a breeze. From quick actions to advanced settings, it offers a range of features to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to save time, boost your SEO, or add a creative touch to your copy, Divi AI has got you covered. Why not give it a try and see the difference it can make for your website?

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How to Use Divi AI to Optimize Your Website Copy
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