February 9, 2024

Create a Unique CSS Reveal Animation for Your Web Elements

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CSS reveal animations can enhance the visual appeal of your web elements, creating an engaging and interactive experience for your users. In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to create a unique CSS reveal animation using GenerateBlocks and GeneratePress.


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When to Use CSS Reveal Animations?

CSS reveal animations are a popular technique in web design for creating engaging and visually appealing effects. However, like any design choice, they come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Understanding these can help you make informed decisions on when and how to use them effectively. Below is a table summarizing the key pros and cons:

Advantages Disadvantages
Enhanced User Engagement
Animations can make a website more interactive and engaging, capturing user attention and potentially increasing time spent on the site.
Potential Overuse
Excessive animations can be distracting or overwhelming, leading to a negative user experience.
Improved Aesthetics
They add a modern, sophisticated look to a website, enhancing its visual appeal.
Performance Issues
Poorly implemented animations can lead to performance issues, especially on lower-end devices or browsers.
Better Content Presentation
Animations can be used to guide user attention and reveal content progressively, improving storytelling and content consumption.
Accessibility Concerns
Animations can be problematic for users with certain disabilities or those who prefer reduced motion.
Optimized Performance
CSS animations are often more performance-efficient than JavaScript animations, as they are handled by the browser’s rendering engine.
Browser Compatibility
Some CSS animation properties might not be supported in all browsers, leading to inconsistent experiences.
Responsive Design
CSS animations can be easily made responsive, ensuring a consistent experience across different devices and screen sizes.
Learning Curve
Creating complex animations requires a good understanding of CSS, which might be challenging for beginners.
Creative Flexibility
CSS offers a wide range of properties for custom animations, allowing for unique designs tailored to specific branding and style.
Limited Functionality
Compared to JavaScript, CSS animations have limitations in functionality and interactivity.

Instructions for a Unique CSS Reveal Animation

Note: GeneratePress & GenerateBlocks are used in this example, but the logic applies to any other page builder.

  1. Create a basic layout including a top section, a middle section with an image, and a bottom section. Ensure the top and bottom sections have a minimum height of 100% viewport height.
    Create a basic layout including a top section, a middle section with an image, and a bottom section
  2. Add a class to the image or element in the middle section you wish to animate. For example, use owd-reveal and update the page.
    Add a class to the image or element in the middle section you wish to animate. For example, use owd-reveal
  3. Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS (or any other preferred method of adding additional CSS)  and copy & paste the code below:
    .owd-reveal {
        --radius: 16 px;
        animation: pwd-reveal linear forwards;
        animation-timeline: view ();
        animation-range: entry;
        border-radius: var(--radius);
    @keyframes owd-reveal {
            clip-path: inset(25%);
            clip-path: inset(0% round var(--radius));
  4. Save and preview the animation in the customizer and adjust the values as necessary to achieve the desired effect.

Official Documentation

CSS Reveal Animation – Conclusion

Creating a CSS reveal animation can add an element of surprise and delight to your website. By following these steps, you can implement this effect using GenerateBlocks and GeneratePress, enhancing the user experience on your site.

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Create a Unique CSS Reveal Animation for Your Web Elements
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