October 19, 2023

How to Create a Landing Page with Divi AI

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Creating a landing page is an important part of digital marketing, especially when you’re looking to convert visitors into leads or customers. With Divi AI, you can simplify this process and create high-converting landing pages right inside WordPress. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps to create a landing page with Divi AI.


Please make sure you have the following installed and activated:

Setting Up Your New Page

  1. Navigate to Pages > Add New in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Name it “My Landing Page” or something relevant to your campaign.
  3. Click on Use Divi Builder.

Choosing a Layout

  1. Select one of the three options: Build from Scratch, Choose a Pre-made Layout, or Clone Existing.
  2. For this tutorial, choose Pre-made Layout.
  3. Search for a layout that suits your needs, like “podcast,” and apply it.

Creating an Engaging Title with Divi AI

  1. Click on the Module Settings of your title text.
  2. Press the AI button within the text module settings.
  3. Choose the Write with AI option.
  4. Select the content type as “Title” and input your desired context.
  5. Click Generate Text and apply the generated title.

Enhancing Subtitles and Body Text

  1. Open the Module Settings for the subtitle.
  2. Click the AI button and select Improve with AI.
  3. Specify the content type and context.
  4. Generate and apply the text.
  5. Repeat these steps for the body text.

Adding Custom Artwork

  1. Open the Module Settings for the image section.
  2. Click the AI button and select Generate with AI.
  3. Choose an image style and describe what you want.
  4. Generate and apply the image.

Implementing Call-to-Actions

  1. Scroll to the pre-existing email opt-in module.
  2. Open the Module Settings and click the AI button.
  3. Generate an engaging title and body text using Divi AI.
  4. Navigate to the button settings and click the AI button.
  5. Generate and apply a compelling button text.

Publishing Your Page

  1. Save all your changes.
  2. Click Publish to make your landing page live.

Create a Landing Page with Divi AI – Conclusion

Creating a landing page with Divi AI is not just efficient but also allows for creative freedom. The AI functionalities offer a new level of customization that can make your landing page stand out.

Required Resources

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Credit to Elegant Themes
Divi by Elegant Themes is more than just a WordPress theme, it's a website-building platform that replaces the standard WordPress post editor with a vastly superior visual editor. It can be enjoyed by design professionals and newcomers alike, giving you the power to create spectacular designs with surprising ease and efficiency. The youtube channel provides you with tutorials around its products and services.
How to Create a Landing Page with Divi AI
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