October 30, 2023

Configure FluentBookings Settings – How to Get Started

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How to configure FluentBookings settings is a pivotal step in optimizing your WordPress website for appointments, meetings, and more. This tutorial summarizes the essential features and settings you need to know.


Ensure the following are installed and activated:

Key Features and Settings

Dashboard and Calendar Setup

The FluentBookings dashboard is your control center. Here, you can create new calendars, set availability, and manage bookings.

Booking Management

The plugin offers a robust booking management system. You can view, search, and change the status of bookings with ease.

Advanced Form Customization

FluentBookings can integrate with Fluent Forms, allowing you to create custom booking forms with additional fields.

Email Marketing Automation

Integration with Fluent CRM enables automated email marketing, enhancing customer engagement.

Additional Capabilities

  • Google Calendar Sync
    Keep your bookings in sync with your Google Calendar.
  • Zoom Integration
    Conduct online meetings without leaving the FluentBookings environment.
  • Stripe Payments
    Accept payments directly through the plugin.

Expert Tips

  • Search Functionality
    Use the search feature to quickly locate specific bookings.
  • Status Update
    Utilize the quick status update feature to efficiently manage bookings.
  • Automation
    Leverage Fluent CRM for automated follow-ups and customer engagement.

Supplementary Resources

Configure FluentBookings Settings – Conclusion

FluentBookings offers a comprehensive set of features for managing bookings on your WordPress website. From basic setup to advanced integrations, this plugin is a one-stop solution for all your booking needs.

Required Resources

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Configure FluentBookings Settings – How to Get Started
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