August 11, 2023

Connect Bricks Builder Webhooks with Zapier

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Bricks Builder is a fantastic tool for website building, but Bricks Builder Webhooks aren’t natively supported. That’s where Zapier comes in. Together with Edan Ben-Atar, we’ll create a connection that will make your website more dynamic and responsive.

Preparing the Staging Environment

  1. Set Up a Staging Environment
    Create a safe space to test everything without affecting your live site.
  2. Create a “Get in Touch” Page
    This will be the example of our bricks builder webhooks setup.

Setting Up Zapier

  1. Launch a New Zap
    Start by launching a new Zap in Zapier.
  2. Create a Webhook
    This will be the link between your form and the outside world.
  3. Grab the Snippet of Webhook Code
    This code will be key to making everything work.

Implementing the Code

  1. Use a Child Theme
    Keep your custom settings safe during updates by using a child theme.
  2. Paste the Snippet into functions.php
    Here’s the code: Github
  3. Modify the Code to Unroll the Data
    Ensure it fits your specific needs.
  4. Find and Update the Form ID
    Match your form.
  5. Handle Multiple Forms
    Set up multiple if statements if needed.

Connect Bricks Builder Webhooks with Zapier

  1. Add a Custom Bricks Builder Action
    Click on your form > Actions > Custom. This will trigger the webhook.
  2. Test the Form
    Fill out and send the form to test if everything is working.
  3. View the Data
    Check the data on the other side.
  4. Explore Integration Options
    Make the most of your Bricks Builder webhooks with integrations like Slack or email.

Setting up bricks builder webhooks with Zapier is a step-by-step process that can add new dimensions to your website. By following this guide, you’ll have a functional and dynamic connection in no time. Happy building!

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Credit to Edan Ben-Atar
Edan Benatar is a digital entrepreneur specializing in WordPress, Shopify, SEO, and marketing. Through his agency, he helps businesses enhance their online presence. On his YouTube channel, Edan shares insights into scaling his agency and products.
Connect Bricks Builder Webhooks with Zapier
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