July 24, 2023

Modern and Responsive Bricks Builder Layout Design Walkthrough

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Create a fresh, responsive Bricks Builder layout to captivate your users. Break away from the norm and offer your users a distinctive experience. Design with Cracka will show you how it is done. As there are many steps in this tutorial we will give a brief introduction but it’s best to follow along with the video tutorial.

Designing the Bricks Builder Layout

Designing a layout with Bricks Builder is a straightforward process. You start by setting up your section and columns, then add elements to your layout such as images, headings, text, and icons. Each element can be customized to fit your design, and you can even add custom CSS to your elements through the advanced panel.

Enhancing the Layout with Additional Features

Bricks Builder allows you to enhance your layout with additional features. You can add a counter element to your layout, use the fancy divider element as a heading for better accessibility and SEO, and incorporate an icon into your layout and wrap text around it for a unique design effect.

Making the Layout Responsive

Having a responsive design is essential in today’s digital age. With Bricks Builder, you can adjust the layout for different screen sizes, use the float property to control the positioning of elements and use negative margins and flex-grow to adjust the spacing and alignment of elements.

Finalizing and Previewing the Layout

Once you’ve built and enhanced your Bricks Builder layout, you can finalize and preview it. Check your layout in different breakpoints to ensure it looks good on all screen sizes, make any final adjustments to your layout, and preview your layout on the front end to see how it will look to visitors.


In conclusion, Bricks Builder is a versatile and powerful tool that can help you create beautiful, responsive layouts with ease. It’s like having a fully-stocked toolbox, ready to help you build your masterpiece. The key is to experiment, play around with different elements and settings, and most importantly, have fun with it. After all, web design is a creative process, and Bricks Builder is a tool that allows your creativity to shine.

Remember, the only limit is your imagination. So go ahead, start building, and create something amazing!

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Credit to Design with Cracka
Design with Cracka is an engaging YouTube channel offering insightful web design and development tutorials, tips, and tricks. Catering to a range of skill levels, from beginners to advanced developers, Design with Cracka focuses on creating beautiful, functional, and optimized websites using various platforms, including WordPress, Oxygen Builder, and Bricks Builder.
Modern and Responsive Bricks Builder Layout Design Walkthrough
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