June 27, 2023

How to set up a Bricks Builder FAQ Schema

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Learn the process of setting up a Bricks Builder FAQ Schema. FAQ Schemas are structured pieces of data that we provide to search engines to enhance the visibility and understanding of our webpage content. They play a crucial role in SEO, helping your website gain better visibility in search results. By specifically indicating the text as a question and an answer, we can improve our standing in the SEO game. Nicholas Arce provides a detailed walkthrough of setting up FAQ Schemas in Bricks Builder.

FAQ Schema Explained

FAQ Schemas might sound like a complex term, but they’re actually quite simple once you break them down.

Imagine you’re a librarian and you have a pile of books to organize. Now, you could just stack them up randomly, but it would be hard for people to find what they’re looking for. Instead, you decide to categorize them by genre, author, and title. Now, anyone who walks into the library can easily find the book they’re looking for.

That’s essentially what an FAQ Schema does. It’s a way of organizing and categorizing information on your website so that search engines like Google can understand it better. When Google understands your content better, it can display it more accurately in search results, which can lead to more people finding and visiting your website.

Setting Up Bricks Builder FAQ Schema: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Start with the FAQ Page Schema
    The FAQ Page Schema acts as a container that holds all of your questions. You can use either a section or a grid as your FAQ Page Schema. Once you’ve selected your container, add the attributes item scope and item type with the value schema.org/FAQPage.
    Start with the FAQ Page Schema
  2. Create the Question Container
    Add a new div to your FAQ Page Schema. This will act as your question container. Add a heading for the question and another div for the answer.
    Create the Question Container
  3. Declare the Question
    Add the attributes item scope, item type (with the value schema.org/question), and item prop (with the value mainEntity) to your question container.
    Declare the attribute Question
  4. Declare the Answer
    Add a rich text element to your answer div. Add the attributes item scope, item type (with the value schema.org/answer), and item prop (with the value acceptedAnswer) to your answer container.
    Declare the Answer
  5. Test Your Schema
    Use Google’s Rich Results Test to ensure your schema is set up correctly.
    Test Your Schema
  6. Set Up an Accordion FAQ Schema
    You can also set up an FAQ Schema using the accordion element in Bricks Builder. The process is the same as setting up a grid FAQ Schema, but instead of a grid, you use an accordion.

Why Implementing a Bricks Builder FAQ Schema is Beneficial

Boosts SEO Efforts

Implementing FAQ Schemas can significantly boost your SEO efforts. By providing structured data to search engines, you improve the visibility and understanding of your webpage content, which can lead to better search result rankings.

Enhances User Experience

FAQ Schemas enhance the user experience by providing quick and easy access to answers to common questions. This can lead to increased user engagement and satisfaction.

Improves Website Visibility

FAQ Schemas can improve your website’s visibility in search results. When your website appears in the rich results section of a search engine, it stands out from the competition, potentially leading to increased traffic and conversions.

Common Issues and Solutions

  1. Duplicate FAQ Pages
    Search engines do not like duplicate FAQ pages. Ensure that you only have one FAQ Schema per page to avoid this issue.
  2. Missing Attributes
    If your schema is not working as expected, you may have forgotten to add the necessary attributes. Double-check your schema to ensure all required attributes are included.
  3. Incorrect Attribute Values
    If you’re still experiencing issues, check your attribute values. Incorrect values can cause your schema to not function correctly.

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Credit to Nicholas Arce
Nicholas Arce creates WordPress tutorials. His content is easy to understand and perfect for anyone who wants to improve their skills.
How to set up a Bricks Builder FAQ Schema
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