November 8, 2023

Create a Blog Post Outline with Rank Math’s Content AI

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Creating a blog post outline is a fundamental step in crafting engaging content. Rank Math’s Content AI simplifies this process, offering a streamlined approach to structuring your articles effectively. Let’s dive into how you can leverage this tool to construct a solid foundation for your posts.


Please make sure you have the following installed and activated:

1. Accessing the Blog Post Outline Tool

Navigate to your WordPress content area and type “//” followed by “out” to prompt the Blog Post Outline tool. Alternatively, access the Content AI tab and select the third tab (AI Tools) to find all AI tools.

Accessing the Blog Post Outline Tool

2. Start with your Topic

Enter a concise topic description in the provided field. Keep it under 200 characters.
For instance: “This article is about teaching people how to make a vertical garden with an automatic watering system so plants don’t die easily”

Start with your Topic

3. Defining Main Points and Ideas

List your subtopics, separated by commas, within the main points and ideas field.
Here’s an example: “How to build a vertical garden frame, how to install the automatic watering system, how to plant your vertical garden”

Defining Main Points and Ideas

4. Tailoring Content to Your Audience

Select the appropriate audience for your content. If your niche is gardening, you might choose ‘Gardeners’ or ‘Environmentalists’. You can also add custom tags like ‘Small Homeowners’.

Tailoring Content to Your Audience

5. Incorporating SEO with Focus Keywords

Insert keywords you aim to rank for, separated by commas. Use Content AI’s analysis tool for smart suggestions if needed.

Incorporating SEO with Focus Keywords

6. Setting the Tone

Choose a tone that aligns with your content’s intent, whether it be formal, informal, or friendly.

Setting the Tone

7. Selecting the Style

Pick a style that matches your topic’s nature. For instructional content, ‘Tutorial’ or ‘Guide’ would be fitting.

Selecting the Style

8. Choosing the Output Language

Select the language for your outline from the available options.

Choosing the Output Language

9. Deciding on the Number of Outputs

Specify how many outlines you’d like Content AI to generate, with a maximum of three at a time.

Deciding on the Number of Outputs

10. Generating and Refining Your Outline

Click ‘Generate’ to produce your outline. To find content gaps, use RankBot’s ‘Identify Topical Gaps’ prompt, then combine the suggestions with your original outline for a comprehensive structure.

Generating and Refining Your Outline

11. Retrieving Past Outlines

Click on the history button to view previously generated outlines. For a broader history, navigate to the Content AI module on your WordPress dashboard.

Retrieving Past Outlines

Additional Sources

Blog Post Outline with Rank Math – Conclusion

Rank Math’s Content AI is a robust tool designed to streamline the content creation process. By following the steps outlined above, you can create a structured and SEO-friendly blog post outline that resonates with your audience and ranks well on search engines.

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Create a Blog Post Outline with Rank Math’s Content AI
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