July 4, 2023

Set Up Automatic Post Expiration with JetEngine & JetFormBuilder

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We will explore how to set up automatic post expiration in WordPress using two plugins: JetEngine and JetFormBuilder. We will also utilize an additional module called JetEngine Post Expiration Period. This setup will allow your posts, submitted via a form, to be automatically deleted or moved to the trash after a specified period.

Setting Up Automatic Post Expiration

  1. Ensure JetEngine and JetFormBuilder are Installed
    Before we begin, make sure that you have both the JetEngine and JetFormBuilder plugins installed on your WordPress site.
  2. Activate the JetEngine Post Expiration Period Module
    Go to the JetEngine tab in WordPress Dashboard, and there you can find the post expiration period among external modules. Enable the toggle to activate the feature.
    Install the JetEngine Post Expiration Period Module
  3. Create a Front-End Form
    For this tutorial, we have already created a front-end form that logged-in users can use to add new posts. This form includes fields for the post thumbnail, title, and content.
  4. Configure Post Submit Actions
    Navigate to the JetFormBuilder and find the form you created. Under the form settings, go to JetForm > Post Submit Actions > Insert/Update Post. Here, you will see an option to enable the expiration period, which will become available once the JetEngine Post Expiration Period module is installed.
    Automatic Post Expiration - Configure Post Submit Actions
  5. Enable Expiration Period and Set Duration
    Enable the expiration period and set the duration for which the post should remain published. For example, if you want the post to be deleted after seven days, simply type ‘7’ in the duration field. You can also choose whether the post should be moved to draft or trash upon expiration.
    Automatic Post Expiration - Enable Expiration Period and Set Duration
  6. Submit a New Post & Check after Expiration
    Go back to your front-end form and submit a new post to test the setup. The post will be automatically deleted or moved to trash after the specified duration.
    Automatic Post Expiration - Submit a New Post & Check after Expiration

Why Automatic Post Expiration is Beneficial

Automatic post expiration is a powerful feature that can improve the management of your WordPress content. It is particularly beneficial for:

Time-Sensitive Content

If you frequently publish content that is time-sensitive, such as event announcements or limited-time offers, automatic post expiration can ensure that your site remains up-to-date. It removes outdated posts automatically, saving you the time and effort of manually deleting them.

Content Organization

Automatic post expiration can also help keep your site organized. By removing old posts, you can ensure that your site remains clutter-free and easy to navigate for your visitors.

User Experience

By ensuring that your site only displays current and relevant content, you can enhance the user experience. Visitors will appreciate not coming across outdated posts, leading to increased engagement and return visits.

Common Issues and Solutions

  • The expiration period option is not visible in the form settings
    Make sure that the JetEngine PostExpiration Period module is installed and activated. This option will only appear once the module is installed.
  • The post is not being deleted or moved to trash after the specified duration
    Check the duration you have set for the expiration period. Ensure that the duration has passed since the post was published. Also, make sure that the post was created using the form.
  • The expiration feature is not working for old posts or posts updated using the form
    The post expiration feature only works for new posts created with the form. It does not apply to old posts or posts updated using the form.

Required Resources

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Payment required
Credit to Crocoblock
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Set Up Automatic Post Expiration with JetEngine & JetFormBuilder
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