December 1, 2023

Beginners Guide To Advanced Custom Fields Pro Features

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This video tutorial provides an in-depth walkthrough, and we recommend following along with the video to grasp the concept fully. Below, you'll find a summary of the tutorial, but please note that it may leave out some detailed steps, so watching the video will give you the most comprehensive understanding.

These Advanced Custom Fields Pro Features (ACF Pro) enhance WordPress site development by offering additional field types and features. This tutorial looks at the core functionalities of ACF Pro, demonstrating its capabilities in creating dynamic and flexible content structures within WordPress.


Please make sure you have the following installed and activated:

Advanced Custom Fields Pro Features Summary

  • 0:00:
    ACF Pro includes six additional field types. This segment will cover five, excluding ACF blocks, focusing on the most useful ones. The complexity of the fields will increase as the video progresses.
  • 0:26:
    Introduction to the gallery field, a simple yet useful ACF Pro feature. The process of creating a new field group named “Gallery field test” in the WordPress dashboard is explained, with association to the standard WordPress post type.
  • 0:50:
    Demonstrates how to select the gallery field from the ACF Pro section, along with naming and setting options for the field. Options include return format (image array, URL, ID), library settings, minimum/maximum image selection, image size and type restrictions, and gallery display settings.
  • 2:03:
    Discussion of media upload options, allowing for post-specific uploads or shared access. Further details on minimum/maximum selections, image restrictions, adding instructions, and image sorting options within the gallery.
  • 3:10:
    Steps to associate the gallery field with post types and how to add images to the gallery in a new post. Errors with unsupported file types are shown, leading to an adjustment in allowed file types.
  • 4:28:
    The intuitive interface of the gallery field is highlighted, showing the ease of reordering and adding images. The right-hand side options for sorting and modifying image order are demonstrated.
  • 5:17:
    Advertisement for Hostinger, a WordPress hosting provider.
  • 5:58:
    Introduction to the clone field, an underutilized but powerful ACF Pro feature. It allows referencing of fields from different post types or field groups within another field group.
  • 6:15:
    Creation of a new field group with standard fields (e.g., price, location) and the addition of a clone field. The clone field setup is demonstrated, including options for seamless replacement or grouping of fields, and prefixing field labels and names for clarity.
  • 8:21:
    Application of the clone field to a custom post type (“help in tutorials”), showcasing its utility in combining different field types and facilitating data organization.
  • 9:14:
    Explanation of ACF Pro’s options pages, used for centralized global settings. Suitable for settings like company details, which can be dynamically referenced in templates or pages.
  • 10:03:
    Creating an options page named “Company Details,” with advanced settings for customization, labels, and permissions. The options page is shown in the WordPress dashboard, requiring associated field groups.
  • 12:20:
    Creation of a custom field group for company details, demonstrating how to populate and update the options page with dynamic data.
  • 13:30:
    Overview of the repeater field, a flexible feature for creating repeated sets of data. Example given of a job listing site with working hours for different locations and days.
  • 14:22: Creation of a repeater field with subfields (location, day, hours) and layout options. Additional settings include pagination, collapse options, and button labeling.
  • 16:41:
    Implementation of the repeater field in a post, highlighting the flexibility of adding and organizing multiple data entries.
  • 18:04:
    Introduction to the flexible content field, a versatile tool for creating and ordering diverse content layouts.
  • 19:02:
    Creation of a flexible content field group with different layouts (e.g., job role, portfolio). Various field types are added to each layout, showcasing the flexibility in building custom content structures.
  • 21:44:
    Demonstration of how the flexible content field is used in a post, illustrating the ease of adding, ordering, and deleting different content layouts.
  • 23:09:
    Conclusion emphasizing the simplicity and power of ACF Pro features, with an invitation for further exploration through linked videos and comments.

Real-Life Applications of ACF Pro

  • Customizable Product Pages for E-commerce Sites:
    ACF Pro’s flexible content fields can transform a standard e-commerce product page into a dynamic showcase. Online stores can use ACF Pro to add tailored product features, detailed specifications, or interactive elements like size guides and color swatches, enhancing the shopping experience.
  • Dynamic Event Calendars:
    For websites that host or list events, ACF Pro’s repeater field is invaluable. It allows the creation of detailed event pages with custom information such as dates, times, locations, and recurring schedules, ensuring visitors always have the latest event details.
  • Custom Portfolios for Artists and Designers:
    Artists and designers can leverage ACF Pro’s gallery field to create stunning, easily updatable portfolios. This feature enables the display of artwork or design projects in various formats, offering a more engaging and visually appealing portfolio layout.
  • Employee or Team Member Profiles:
    Business websites can use ACF Pro to create detailed employee profiles. Custom fields for job titles, biographies, contact information, and social media links make it easy to manage and display team information in a more personalized manner.
  • Real Estate Listing Pages:
    Real estate websites can benefit from ACF Pro by adding detailed property information, such as pricing, dimensions, amenities, and photo galleries. This enriches property listings, providing potential buyers with comprehensive details and visuals.
  • Customized Testimonials and Reviews:
    ACF Pro can be used to create a bespoke testimonials section, where businesses can showcase customer feedback with additional details like ratings, project descriptions, and client photos, adding authenticity and trustworthiness to their services.
  • Interactive Learning Platforms:
    Educational websites can use ACF Pro to structure course content, add quizzes, and manage student progress. Custom fields for course outlines, instructor details, and resource links create an organized and immersive learning environment.
  • Recipe Blogs with Dynamic Ingredients Lists:
    Food bloggers can use ACF Pro’s repeater fields to list ingredients and cooking steps for recipes. This approach offers an interactive and user-friendly way to display recipe information, enhancing the reader’s cooking experience.

Official Documentation

Advanced Custom Fields Pro Features – Conclusion

ACF Pro offers powerful tools for WordPress developers, enabling the creation of sophisticated and customized content structures. Its advanced features, like repeater fields and flexible content, allow for greater creativity and efficiency in website development.

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Beginners Guide To Advanced Custom Fields Pro Features
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