August 25, 2023

How to Use an ACF Repeater Field with Bricks Builder

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Explore how to effectively use the ACF Repeater Field with Bricks Builder for dynamic web design. This tutorial covers setup, implementation, and display tips for a seamless design experience.

Understanding the ACF Repeater Field

The ACF Repeater Field in Advanced Custom Fields allows you to create and manage a set of sub-fields, making it easier to handle repetitive data.

Setting Up the Advanced Custom Fields Repeater Field in ACF Pro

  1. Create a Field Group
    Think of this as a container for your fields.
  2. Add the ACF Repeater Field
    – Click 'Add Field'.
    – Name it “working hours”.
    – Choose the 'Repeater' field type.
  3. Define Subfields
    Add ‘location’, ‘day of the week’, and ‘working hours’ as subfields.

Implementing the ACF Repeater in a Custom Post Type

  1. Link with a Custom Post Type
    This determines where your data will be displayed.
  2. Enter Data
    – Navigate to the ‘working hours’ section in your post.
    – Fill in the details for ‘location’, ‘day of the week’, and ‘working hours’.
  3. Manage Rows
    – Use 'Add Row' to input more data.
    – To remove data, click 'Delete' next to the row.

Displaying the Advanced Custom Fields Repeater Field Data with Bricks Builder

  1. Access Templates in Bricks Builder
    This is where you’ll design the display.
  2. Insert a Container
    This will house your repeater field data.
  3. Add Data Blocks
    – Insert blocks for ‘location’, ‘day’, and ‘working hours’.
    – Utilize the 'Query Loop' option to display the data for each entry.
  4. Styling with CSS
    Adjust the look and feel to your liking.

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Combining the ACF Repeater Field with Bricks Builder offers a seamless experience in web design. With these tools, you can efficiently manage and display repetitive data, enhancing the user experience. Dive in and explore the potential!

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How to Use an ACF Repeater Field with Bricks Builder
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