June 30, 2023

WooCommerce Block Products are Coming

WooCommerce Block Products are Coming

With the introduction of WooCommerce Block Products, the renowned e-commerce platform for WordPress, is on the brink of a significant transformation. This transformation is set to revolutionize the way users interact with the platform and dramatically enhance its performance. Here’s a comprehensive look at the upcoming changes:

WooCommerce Block Products – A New Interface for Product Creation

WooCommerce is introducing a new, streamlined design for product creation. This new interface is part of WooCommerce’s ongoing “blockification” process, where every area of WooCommerce is being converted into blocks. This change will allow for more unique design content in product descriptions, using the WordPress block editor.

The new interface is split up into tabs and sections, making it easier to find specific product details. All fields and settings live in one place, whether they’re added by WooCommerce or a third-party extension. This structure helps the form grow together with the store, no matter how many plugins are installed.

The Introduction of HPOS: High-Performance Order Storage

In addition to the new interface, WooCommerce is introducing a Hyper Speed Mode called HPOS (High-Performance Order Storage). This feature promises impressive speed improvements. The performance improvements are not just limited to order lookups and checkouts but also extend to the back end, speeding up administrative tasks in your store.

HPOS changes the way order data is stored in your WordPress database, allowing it to operate at a much faster rate. However, if you’re using a third-party extension for your WooCommerce store that doesn’t explicitly support HPOS, you won’t be able to enable it. This could potentially impact stores that rely heavily on third-party plugins, especially if those plugins are not updated to support HPOS.

The Impact of the Changes

As a product creator, the changes to WooCommerce are both exciting and challenging. The new interface and HPOS feature promise to make WooCommerce faster and more efficient. However, the transition may be difficult for some, especially those who rely on third-party plugins that may not be updated to support the new features.

Despite these challenges, the future of WooCommerce looks promising. The new interface and HPOS feature are significant steps forward in improving the user experience and performance of WooCommerce. As with any change, there will be a period of adjustment, but the potential benefits make this an exciting time for all WooCommerce users.

Trying Out the New WooCommerce Block Products Interface

With the release of WooCommerce 7.8, a new product editor feature flag has been added under WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Features. Once enabled, you can go to Products > Add New and view the new editor. Keep in mind this new editor only supports simple products for now, and you will be redirected to the existing editor if you’re editing unsupported product types. Support for other product types is coming soon.

The Future of WooCommerce

The next step for WooCommerce is to continue to build out the core features to reach parity with the existing experience. This includes adding support for variations and other product types, updating documentation, providing concrete examples, and migrating a couple of WooCommerce-owned extensions to test extensibility.

These changes are a significant step forward in improving the experience of managing products and aligning with the direction of WordPress. As with any change, there will be a period of adjustment, but the potential benefits make this an exciting time for all WooCommerce users.

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