June 9, 2023

Breakdance Builder Beta 1.4. introduces CSS Grid

Breakdance Builder Beta 1.4. introduces CSS Grid

Breakdance has recently launched its Breakdance Builder Beta 1.4 version. This new release introduces a significant feature that is set to revolutionize the way WordPress users design their websites: the CSS Grid Element. In this blog post, we will delve into the new feature, its benefits, and why it’s a must-have for WordPress users.

Introducing the CSS Grid Element

The CSS Grid Element is the only big feature introduced in the Breakdance Beta 1.4, but it’s an important one. Prior to this release, if you wanted to create a grid-like layout in Breakdance, you would have to use the columns element. However, the columns element had limitations, as it didn’t allow for a real grid layout.

The CSS Grid Element changes all of that. It’s a special container for implementing CSS grids. When you want to use a CSS grid, you simply add the grid element, which functions like any other div, but it’s a CSS grid container.

Why is the Breakdance Builder Beta 1.4 CSS Grid Element Useful?

The CSS Grid Element is a game-changer for several reasons:

  1. Simplicity
    The CSS Grid Element is incredibly easy to use. You simply drop the container, specify the number of items per row, and voila! You have your grid. You don’t need to know anything about CSS to use it.
  2. Flexibility
    The CSS Grid Element allows for a real grid layout, unlike the columns element which uses Flexbox. This makes it easier to achieve the layout you want.
  3. Responsiveness
    The CSS Grid Element is responsive. It automatically adjusts the number of items per row based on the screen size, making your website look great on all devices.
  4. Customizability
    Even though the full CSS grid control is not yet available, you can still customize your grid layout using custom CSS. For example, you can specify the number of columns and rows an item should span.

How Can WordPress Users Benefit?

The CSS Grid Element is particularly beneficial for WordPress users who want to create professional-looking websites without having to learn complex CSS. It simplifies the design process, making it easy for non-tech users to build websites quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, the CSS Grid Element is likely to be part of the Breakdance Pro version, which means it’s a premium feature that can give your website a professional edge.

What’s coming next?

The Breakdance team is currently working on a full CSS grid control feature, which will provide even more flexibility and control over the grid layout. This feature is expected to be released in the next two weeks.


In conclusion, the CSS Grid Element in Breakdance Beta 1.4 is a significant advancement for Breakdance Builder users. It’s simple, flexible, responsive, and customizable, making it a must-have feature for anyone looking to create professional-looking websites easily and efficiently.

Stay tuned for the full CSS grid control feature, which is set to provide even more control and flexibility over your website’s design. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to explore the CSS Grid Element and discover how it can transform your website design process.

Remember, the best way to learn is by doing. So, go ahead and give the Breakdance 1.4 Beta a try. You might be surprised at how much it can improve your website design skills.

Happy designing!

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