October 5, 2023

Set Up Cwicly Nested Components – A Walkthrough

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This video tutorial provides an in-depth walkthrough, and we recommend following along with the video to grasp the concept fully. Below, you'll find a summary of the tutorial, but please note that it may leave out some detailed steps, so watching the video will give you the most comprehensive understanding.

Cwicly Nested Components are a powerful feature that allows you to create more organized and efficient WordPress posts. This walkthrough will show you how to set up nested components using Cwicly.

Why Nested Components?

Nested components can make your life easier by allowing you to:

  • Organize your content more efficiently
  • Make global changes easily
  • Create more dynamic and interactive posts

Setting Up a Basic Pro-Con Component

  1. Open the Cwicly Navigator and remove all components except one.
  2. Click on the remaining component and go to Modifier to access inner blocks.
  3. Copy the inner blocks and paste them outside of the component.
  4. Remove the original component and rename the new one to “Pro-Con.”

Adding Styles to the Pro-Con Component

  1. Navigate to the design tab of your component.
  2. Add a new style and name it “Pro.”
  3. Add another style and name it “Con.”
  4. Select the “Pro” style and set the background color to light green.
  5. Select the “Con” style and set the background color to red.

Creating a Nested Component

  1. Wrap your Pro-Con component in a new div and name it “Pros-Cons.”
  2. Insert a heading and a paragraph inside the “Pros-Cons” div.
  3. Right-click on the “Pros-Cons” div and create a new component.

Adding Inner Blocks to the Nested Component

  1. Click on the “Pros-Cons” component and go to Modifier.
  2. Search for the Inner Blocks element and insert it into your component.
  3. Drag the Pro-Con component into the Inner Blocks element.

Saving as a Local Pattern (Optional)

  1. Go to Appearance > Editor > Patterns.
  2. Click “Add New” and paste your nested component.
  3. Publish the pattern.

Conclusion of Cwicly Nested Components

Setting up Cwicly Nested Components can streamline your WordPress post creation process. By following these steps, you can efficiently organize your content and make global changes with ease.

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Set Up Cwicly Nested Components – A Walkthrough
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