February 6, 2024

Sell Digital Products on WordPress with Divi & Fluent Forms Pro

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Selling digital products on WordPress is a lucrative opportunity. This tutorial demonstrates how to effectively create a sales page and manage transactions using Divi and Fluent Forms Pro.

Sell Digital Products on WordPress Preview
Sell Digital Products on WordPress Preview


Please make sure you have the following installed and activated:

Why Selling Digital Products is Beneficial

In the digital era, selling digital products offers numerous advantages for entrepreneurs and creators. Firstly, digital products have minimal overhead costs. Unlike physical goods, they don’t require inventory, storage, or shipping, leading to higher profit margins. Once created, digital products can be sold infinitely without additional production costs.

Moreover, digital products are accessible globally, allowing sellers to reach a wider audience beyond geographical limitations. This global reach increases the potential customer base significantly. Additionally, digital products offer convenience, both for sellers and buyers. They can be delivered instantly, providing immediate gratification for customers and simplifying the sales process for sellers.

Digital Products in WordPress Summary

  • 0:00
    The tutorial introduces how to sell digital products on WordPress using Divi and Fluent Forms Pro. The process is applicable for personal products or for client websites.
  • 0:33
    The first step is to download Fluent Forms (a forms plugin). The free version is available, but the Pro version is required for this tutorial.
  • 0:50
    In Fluent Forms’ global settings, under the ‘Payments’ tab, enable the payment module, enter business name and address, and select the desired currency.
  • 1:26
    Important to set the ‘Payment Receipt Page’ in Fluent Forms, which will be revisited later.
  • 1:41
    Set up payment methods in Fluent Forms, with options like Stripe, PayPal, etc. PayPal is used for this tutorial.
  • 2:09
    Fluent Forms allows creating coupon codes for promotions, with options to customize start and end dates, and limit usage.
  • 3:26
    Start creating a landing page in WordPress using Divi. Open a new page and use the Divi Builder to design the page.
  • 4:01
    Use Divi Builder to add various modules such as text, images, and customize them (e.g., adding rounded corners to images).
  • 5:00
    Design the landing page with special offers, product descriptions, and stylize the text using Divi’s design options.
  • 6:23
    Create a new form in Fluent Forms for the product, adding fields like name, email, payment items, methods, and a coupon code.
  • 7:14
    Customize the form’s submission button text to ‘Buy Now’ and save the form.
  • 7:52
    Set a price for the product in the Fluent Forms form and provide a descriptive name for it.
  • 8:18
    Copy the form’s shortcode from Fluent Forms and paste it into the Divi Builder on the landing page. Design the form section to stand out.
  • 9:46
    Finalize the landing page design, ensuring it is clean and distraction-free by removing the header and footer using Divi’s Theme Builder.
  • 11:13
    Create a ‘Thank You’ page in Divi Builder, where customers are directed post-purchase. Add a download button linked to the product file.
  • 12:16
    Add the product file URL to the download button on the ‘Thank You’ page.
  • 12:52
    Link the ‘Thank You’ page in Fluent Forms’ settings, ensuring it’s connected to the payment process.
  • 14:01
    Finalize and preview the entire setup, demonstrating the purchase process, applying a coupon, and redirecting to PayPal for payment.
  • 15:31
    Conclude the tutorial, summarizing the process of creating and selling a digital product on WordPress using Divi and Fluent Forms Pro.

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Digital Products on WordPress – Conclusion

Selling digital products on WordPress can be streamlined with the right tools. Divi and Fluent Forms Pro make it easy to create attractive, functional sales pages and handle transactions smoothly.

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Payment required
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Sell Digital Products on WordPress with Divi & Fluent Forms Pro
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